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Busan Korea Port Information

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The port for Busan, Korea is located a bit far from the center of town. It is not a great distance, but there is no way you could walk it. Also, it is generally the case that you will be required to take a bus that is offered by the cruise company, rather than try to find a taxi. It took about 20 minutes to get to the shopping area of Busan, by bus, but I am not sure what a Taxi would cost. Again, I don't remember if you are even allowed to take a Taxi from the port, and the area around the port is kind of run-down. Busan was extremely safe and although people don't seem to smile much, they were generally helpful and kind. There are more posts  and photos of Korea in my blog, which you can access by clicking on the "Korea-Busan" link in the "Topics" section on the side bar. There are plenty of photos that you can link to also.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking your blog to our trip on the cruise critic forum, the information was a great help as the hardest information to find is how far the ports are from the main areas of the cities. Whilst your blog only covered a couple of the ports we'll be visiting, it at least portrayed a good feel for the places.

Luther Bailey said...

Thank you! I have been to many other ports, but I'm in the process of trying to catch up. :-) However, if there are other ports you need information on, then please let me know and if I've been there, I'll be glad to post on the port, quickly.

Luther :-)

Anonymous said...

The other ports in question are Kagoshima, Japan and Fukuoka, Japan. Many thanks.

Luther Bailey said...

Although I haven't been to Kagoshiima, I found out that it's about 5km from the city center. There is no train stop near there, but there are plenty of taxis. I was told that most ships have a bus transfer that takes you into the shopping area and drops you off.

From what I can tell, Hakata is the cruise terminal for Fukuoka, Japan. it seems that it would not be best to walk from the port, but rather take a shuttle or a ferry boat to other areas. Japan is very safe, so it's just a matter of distance and industrial areas that might be discouraging for walking. That area of Japan is unknown to me, but that is all the information I can find for now. I hope that helps! :-) I will keep looking though.

Anonymous said...

That's very helpful. Thanks. I have printed off a map of those two places but it's always better to learn from those who have visited.

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