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Port Information for Semarang, Indonesia (Java)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The port of Semarang is somewhat close to town, but you don't want to walk there. Repeat, you don't want to walk there. Semarang is a tiny, dirty little town and there is nothing to see there. I would highly suggest a tour to other parts of Java. Do NOT hire a taxi. There are clear reasons. The traffic on Java is slow. The only exciting thing to go see is the Borobudure temple, and it's a long, long ways from the port. Here's the deal, if you hire a taxi, sure it's cheaper, but you will get stuck in regular traffic and likely miss your boat. If you go on a tour, you will have police escorts and they will get you through the many, many small towns much faster. The bus ride to Borodudure is very long and can be a bit curvy. Take some bottled water with you, but they generally have some on the bus. 

The temple is amazing and well worth the trip, but be prepared for a long and tiring day. I enjoyed Java, but there is a lot of poverty and you will be safer with a tour guide. I will write about Java and post pictures soon. Please check back for blog posts. Hope this helps for now. 


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