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Luther Bailey Travel Blog

Friday, September 4, 2009

 Mykonos, Greece, 2005
Hello! I had originally decided to create this travel blog for the purpose of journaling an extended trip, which took me through many parts of Asia (mainly), Australia and New Zealand.  I have seen many parts of the world over the years and, and I would like to add those places to this site as I get time.

For the most part, I was doing this for friends and family, but I've met many people from around the world through email about my various posts and would certainly be happy to have anyone follow along.  I enjoy sharing these fun "adventures". I will try to update as often as possible with a mixture of writing about cities, people and cultures... both the good and the bad. If I had to pick one thing that I love to do while traveling, it would be taking photographs. I am a published photographer, but I decided when I started this last trip and blog, that I would start taking photos of what the casual eye sees when walking down the street in these countries. I am generally frustrated when I look at photos on the internet of other cities and countries, because it's always just the perfect shots, not necessarily the reality. When people read travel blogs, they want to feel like they are actually there, so, I am going to do my best to make that happen. I may post the occasional video clip, but it will be short and simple. It's sometimes nice to get a glimpse of a place that way. Sometimes when I travel, I am only in a city/country for a short period of time and it's not possible to write a comprehensive review on everything there is to do and see in that place. I simply write about my impressions of what I saw and experienced in the time period that I am there.

All of my photo albums are going be on Flickr. The link to my Flickr albums is on the sidebar and on the Link bar at the top... or you'll see links at the end of most posts for those specific places. Please always feel free to post comments or ask questions. It's also quite possible that I need help naming photos of animals, statues, buildings etc, so again, feel free to comment. Thank you for following along and I hope you enjoy. I occasionally license or sell my photos for various uses. If you have a "For Profit" need, please feel free to contact me. I also occasionally allow people to freely use my photos on their websites and in magazine for credit, but I ask that you contact me first, if this is the case. Thank you!

Hong Kong


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