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Port Information for Melbourne Australia

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The port for Melbourne is a way out of the city. There is a short walk to catch the train into town. You will basically need to walk to the little grocery store by the tracks (you can't miss it) and buy an all day pass. It's not too expensive at about $6.50 U.S. The train into town takes about 20 minutes or so and is pretty comfortable. You can walk all over Melbourne and safely. I even walked to the tennis center with not too much sweating. I would highly recommend walking along the river, it's beautiful. Do NOT try to catch the last tram back, bad idea. They are pretty small and will be very crowded. You don't want to miss your boat, so come back with enough time so you don't have to worry. I haven't posted on Melbourne yet, but I will soon with pictures. I hope this helps for now.


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