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Port Information for Darwin Australia

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The port for Darwin is pretty much right in town. It won't look like it and the ship will try to scam you into buying a transfer ticket, but don't fall for it. If you are older and have a hard time walking, then you might want to take the transfer. However, when you get off of the ship and exit the last building, there will be a sea-walk to your right. You will see a long concrete path that will take you half way, until you see a nice building on your left. Follow that path and then there is a glass elevator in the last building. The elevator is outside, so you can hop right in. It will take you to the next floor up and then you simply walk across a small bridge and there you are. 

Darwin is small. Darwin is hot and humid. You can safely walk anywhere, BUT wear lots of sunblock and take bottled water. If you have energy and a good map, you can even walk to the botanical gardens...but you WILL sweat if it's hot out. I haven't written a blog post yet on Darwin, but I will soon. Hope this helps for now.


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