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Port Information for Dalian, China

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Port for Dalian China, is close to town and pretty much walkable. Generally, if there is a bus offered into town from the port, then it's best to take the bus. However, if you want to walk back, then that is possible. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but let me explain.

Dalian, is somewhat of a big city. If would be easy to get lost if you just wandered around on your own and didn't have a good sense of direction. If you have a good map and know what you're doing, then it's plenty feasible to walk into town and back to the port. The best option though is to let the bus or cruise company drop you off in the main part of town and then you get your bearings from there. At that point, you can look at your map and decide where you want to walk and then decide if you want to walk back to the Pier later. It can take a while to walk from town to the Pier, and you have to know where to access the Pier on the map.

Also, it's possible that you may not be allowed to walk from the Pier to town, but they will allow you back in the gates if you walk back to the Pier. Chinese Immigration can be funny. Dalian is safe and comfortable, so there is generally no safety concerns. You should read my posts about Dalian by clicking on the drop down menu on the blog sidebar that says "Choose A Location".


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