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Port Information for Koh Samui, Thailand

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The port for Koh Samui can only be gotten to by a tender boat. The ride to the shore is easy and generally calm as long as it's not storming. If you are taking a ferry boat from Bangkok, then you can dock at the pier, but large ships can't. There are many small "towns" on Koh Samui, so you will be dropped off in a small town. There will be plenty of opportunities to hire a taxi, small truck or van at the pier to tour you around. I have written a lot about Koh Samui in my blog posts. You can access them by using the drop down menu on the sidebar. There are 8 posts so far with pictures. Remember to bargain with the drivers. DON"T pay $100 for a taxi tour. You can do way better if you read my posts. Hope this helps.


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