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Port Information for Dunedin New Zealand

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The port for Dunedin is too far out of town to walk. There is a tiny town that is at the port area, but it's not Dunedin. It was easy to hire a taxi to Dunedin, and it cost about $40 U.S dollars. There is not a lot to do by foot in Dunedin, but it's a nice little town and would be fine to walk around for a while. I was with some friends from Australia who rented a car and we drove all over the area. There are some amazing things to see and do if you have that option. They drive on the english side of the road, so it's not good for Americans to rent cars. I would suggest taking a tour from the ship if you want to get out and see something. Dunedin is safe and clean. I haven't post about it yet, but I will soon, with photos. I hope that helps for now.


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