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How To Find Port Information

Sunday, September 20, 2009

If you would like to find out information for specific ship ports, then please use the drop down menu that says "Choose A Location" at the top of the sidebar. I have listed each port title so that it reads.."Port Information for...".  Also, remember that you need to know the name of the port, because many ports are not in the cities to which you are going. For instance, Laem Chabang, is the name of the port for Bangkok, but it's not in Bangkok. The port for Christchurch, New Zealand is in Lyttelton. So make sure you look at your cruise itinerary for the proper name of the port. 

There are many ports that I  haven't had a chance to write about yet, and there are some ports that I wrote about, but I haven't had a chance to do a full blog post with photos yet. So, if there is a place that you want to know about that's not on the list, email me at and I might be able to find out for you, even if I haven't been there. One last thing. Keep in mind that not all ships (due to varying size) go to the same port. Sometimes, for instance, a small ship (say 1200 passengers) might dock in the city in Shanghai, whereas a 2000 passenger ship might dock outside of the city at a much further distance. Please make sure that you check your ship information first.

2 comments: said...

Hi Luther. This is the best blog I have ever seen - and I've visited many blogs. You are doing an amazing job! Thank you so very much for taking the time and trouble to put all this together. We are sailing on the Diamond next February from Sydney to Beijing and as we get closer to our trip I will be looking to your blog for suggestions on places to see and things to do at our various ports.

We're going on a Baltic cruise, departing LAX this Friday and boarding Celebrity's Constellation in Amsterdam on the 22nd. Have you been to the Baltics yet?

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you "thanks" and "great job."

Joan Waters -

Luther Bailey said...

Hi Joan!

Thank you so much for the nice comment. I've been swept up in other work for the past couple of months, so I've been behind on the blog. I enjoy providing stories and information for travelers as much as I can, and it's great to get feedback from readers. I've been all over Europe in my travels, but I haven't sailed in the Baltic as of yet. I think the plan is to do that next summer. I have heard that it's quite beautiful there.

I hope that you can continue to get some beneficial information from reading about the various cities in Asia. Also, have a great trip and let me know what you think when you get back.

Take care,

Luther Bailey

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