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Port Information for Barcelona Spain

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The sea port for Barcelona is pretty close to town. In fact, if you had a LOT of energy and hardly any luggage, it is possible to walk. HOWEVER, I don't recommend it. I have been to Barcelona by plane and boat a number of times, and have walked from the pier to town, but without luggage. For instance, if you fly into Barcelona and your ship leaves late in the day, you can take a cab to the pier, usually check in your luggage, and then walk to town. Walking is up and over a large overpass type bridge, so if it's hot, then it's not fun.

Taking a taxi from your hotel to the Pier costs about $20-35 U.S., depending on where your hotel is. The cab drivers are generally honest and won't wind you through streets that go out of your way. Going from the Pier to town is the same cost and there are always lines of taxis that come through. However, catching a taxi if you disembark the ship in Barcelona... is going to be a wait. There are typically hundreds of people getting in line waiting for one, so be patient.  There is also a bus that you can catch from the Pier that will take you into town. You should have some Euros in small bills for that though.

Taking a taxi to the Pier from the airport costs about $35-45 dollars (but in Euros). The ride is maybe 20 minutes. To go straight into town is only another five to ten minutes, but traffic in town can be rough.
I haven't posted on Barcelona yet, but I will soon. I hope this helps for now.


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