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Mekon Delta, Vietnam

Friday, November 27, 2009

Vietnam has an amazing landscape that consists of jungles, mountains and rivers. It is amazing to watch how the local people of Vietnam utilize the river to make a living and to keep industry thriving. Ports for shipping and receiving have grown considerably over the years and now that Vietnam is open to visitors from America, we can see the amazing balance of big business with traditional local customs and habits.

Vietnam River Boat

I am not sure if it's correct to call this the Mekon Delta, since the delta and river stretch quite a ways out from the coast and it could be renamed something else by the time I arrived to the port area of Phu My. I sailed up this "River" for many miles and it was the best I could guess on the map.

Vietnam River Boat Vendor

I thought I would do a short post on this area because there were a few interesting people and boats along the way.

Vietnam River Boat Vendor

It seems that people have small boats which they load up with goods  fruits, etc...and sale to others up and down the river.

Vietnam River Boat Man

I couldn't figure out if they were connecting with the larger ships that were coming through, or with some of the people who seemed to be living on house boats here and there.

Vietnam River Boat Man and Wife

The few family's and people that I encountered on their boats seemed friendly and I got a few smiles out of them.

Vietnam River Boat Family

These kids were funny and kept waving and peeking out of the windows of the boat. The mother held up her baby to wave, but the shot didn't come out well.

Vietnam River Boat Family

The port, itself, was industrial as usual and housed a number of port workers. This may be of no interest to some people, but it's just a look at a different part of Vietnam culture and industry.

Vietnam River Boats

There are a few more pictures of this area in my album HERE.

Vietnam Phu My Port Yard


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