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Vietnam at 50 mph

Saturday, November 28, 2009

In some of my other posts on Vietnam, I talked about how much I enjoy taking photos of the "life" as I drive or ride down the roads. Vietnam provided a rich canvas for capturing many different types of homes, businesses and people as I swoop by in car or bus. Many of the photos are slightly blurry, but good enough to see what's going on. I thought I'd add a few pictures here in a new post.

Roadside refreshments in rural Vietnam

These roadside "stands" were quite common. Many people would simply bring a cooler or baskets of food and sell to those who passed by. Since most people are on motorcycles, it's quite easy for them to pull over and purchase without even getting off of their bikes.

China Beach,Vietnam

I talked a little bit about China Beach in another post. These homes and boats are literally right across from the beach. I spent some time on the beach, but most it is either packed with fisherman or crowded with debris. As you can see, the area is not really set up for a beach vacation. A number of hotels and resorts are being built miles down the beach and are totally blocked off from reality. The beach areas there are much cleaner, but it seems that you loose the feel of the real Vietnam if you're locked up in a resort.

A little laundry out to dry in Vietnam

Most everywhere you go in Vietnam, someone has laundry hanging out (which of course if fine, just an observation). What seems strange is that many of the buildings seem to be closed down or boarded up and yet you still see laundry drying. I assume that people are living in these homes.

Vietnam roadside stand

Looking at the photo above,  you can see another example of people setting up roadside stands. These are houses, so many people work close to home in order to provide cooking or produce for people driving by. The heat and humidity in Vietnam is intense, that that is why so many people have on the hats and try to keep out of the sun.

Gathering at school in Vietnam

Everywhere you go in Vietnam, you see school kids running around. This is at the end of a block where kids attend classes. There is almost always a store set up next to each school. Uniforms seem to be mandatory in most schools.

A home in Vietnam

These homes are set in a rural area and are right across from the Rice Paddies. I am assuming that they are either farm workers or people who commute into the city area. The Rice Paddies are beautiful. I have more photos of them in my Flick albums of "Vietnam at 50 mph".  So many of the homes that I've seen in Vietnam don't even seem to have a door. I guess it's due to the constant warm weather there.

A house in the countryside of Vietnam

Here is another example of a rural setting with a few homes scattered here and there. Some of the colors used to paint them are bright and vibrant. There are often watering holes like this for livestock.

Doing some chores in Vietnam

I have noticed that most women wash their dishes outside and use the pots of soapy water and clean water. Many of the restaurants and cafes do this also. This is a home in the suburbs, as you can see the laundry and baby to the left.

Anyway, I will post more of these over time. As I explained before, I make no judgement here, I just find these fascinating and wanted to share them with you. There are LOTS more of these photos in my Flickr photo album, which can be accessed by clicking HERE.


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