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Shanghai Port Information

Friday, November 6, 2009

For those who might be coming into Shanghai on a cruise ship, you having nothing to worry about. The port is right in town and you will be docked across the river from the Pearl Tower, so the view is amazing. The port area of Shanghai is extremely safe day or night, and actually quite nice. There is a beautiful port terminal building, but I don't think they've started using it yet. I have been to Shanghai more than once and going in by ship is very easier than by plane. The dock will be within walking distance from the main shopping area, but it may take a good 20 minutes if you walk slow. Also, there is a lot of traffic in Shanghai, so be careful to watch where you're walking, they simply won't watch for you. For those of you who prefer taxis, then they are readily available just outside of the gate.

Keep in mind that Shanghai is a huge city, so take a map with you and a picture of your cruise ship in case you need to grab a taxi to get back..not everyone speaks english. If you'd like to know more about Shanghai, there are several other posts that you can access by clicking on the "China-Shanghai" link. The drop down menu is on the sidebar and says "Choose a Location".

Update: I am finding out that some of the larger ships are not docking at the port in town, but rather at a port outside of the city. I am being told this is about an hour away from Shanghai. The river that goes into Shanghai (although large) may be too narrow for the larger ships to turn around in, or get under a bridge as they sail. I know that some bridges that pass over the rivers are too low and the ships have to wait for low tide in order to get under them. This may be a problem for ships of a certain size. I took the Voldendam from Holland America into Shanghai more than once and it was able to dock in the city, but it held less than 2000 passengers. So, if you're ship is on the larger size, please make sure you check your documents when they arrive to see where you are docking. I will try to find out more information about the distant ports. 


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