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Shanghai and the temporary Bund

Friday, November 6, 2009

Shanghai is loaded with scenic views, especially along the Huangpu river which snakes it's way through the vast city center. It seems that no matter what angle your looking from, it is always the best photo opportunity. However, the most famous area to take great photos from and stroll along Shanghai's waterfront, is the historical "Bund".

View From Temporary Bund in Shanghai, China

This year will be the year of Shanghai's well developed "Expo 2010". The Expo has prompted the city to spend probably billions in order to rebuild and to add to the already beautiful, cosmopolitan city.

View from Across the Huangpu, looking at the Historic Bund

Due to the enormous amount of construction and changes, the historic Bund has been closed in it's usual place and relocated to a temporary spot across the Huangpu river.

View From Temporary Bund in Shanghai, China

In order to access this new spot, you will generally need to either take the subway across or a ferry boat.  The temporary Bund actually provides the exact opposite view and down a little from where the original site was, but as usual, the views are breathtaking and of course impossible to capture with a single photograph.

View from Pearl Tower looking at a small portion of Expo Construction

As you walk along the original street where the historical Bund was, you will likely still see construction walls blocking off the riverfront. Many new centers, small buildings and artistic sites are being places here. From what I read and saw in the conceptual drawings, it's supposed to be spectacular and worth the temporary change.

Temporary Bund in Shanghai, China on the Huangpu River

If you're lucky enough to travel to Shanghai during the opening of the Expo (and find a hotel room), then you will get to see all of the many changes. The Expo is actually being expressed all over Shanghai is the form of new buildings, subway stops and amazing architectural feats. I couldn't walk more than a few blocks without seeing construction crews and artist renderings on construction signs.

View From Temporary Bund in Shanghai, China

Like I said though, there is a temporary and fantastic place where you can go and have a walkable view of the city of Shanghai, across the Huangpu.

View from Temporary Bund in Shanghai, China

There are many more pictures of Shanghai in my Flicker Albums HERE and HERE.


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