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Singapore and the Jurong Bird Park

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I love birds, I mean, I really, really love birds and I could spend the entire day just watching them, feeding them and generally being "One" with the birds. Okay...just being overly silly, but I was very excited to find out that Singapore has an amazing bird sanctuary full of some of the world's most exotic birds.

Scarlet Ibis 

I have other posts to write about Singapore, but I thought that I would start here. The "Jurong Bird Park" is  the largest bird park in the world. It's been open since 1971 and has over 8000 birds (600 species), spread out over approximately 55 acres.


Jurong, is an award winning facility for their attention to conservation and care of these wonderful animals.

Jurong Bird Park

The environment that surrounds you in the park is one of tropical forest. Most of the paths meander through various mini-environements that generally allow for open air viewing of the birds, such as ponds and forest settings.

Jurong Bird Park

Some areas are enclosed with enormous environments that allow the visitor to walk in and not remember that there is an enclosure way above their heads. One such area is designed to mimic a rain forest. The high humidity and sounds of tropical birds are wonderful.

Jurong Bird Park

There is a large waterfall that is built inside this area and so many trees and plants that you almost feel as though you could get lost in it. However, there are short paths that make sure you know where you're going.

Jurong Bird Park

One of my favorite areas was where you could walk in to a large enclosure that housed hundreds of colorful parrots (and similar). For about $3 Singapore, you can buy some nectar to feed them. It is not uncommon for them to land on your arms and shoulders while you're offering. These birds are very gentle and small though, so they are very safe for children to be around.

Jurong Bird Park

There is a variety of species around the park. There are a few here and there that some would not call a "pretty" bird, but non the less, they are very interesting to watch.

Jurong Bird Park

There is more than one area for Flamingos, the most colorful ones are situated at the entrance to the park.

Flamingos in the Jurong Bird Park

There is an indoor area that houses some interesting and beautiful Penguins. It's actually quick refreshing to walk in from the high humidity and enjoy the darker and cooler experience.

Emperor Penguin in the Jurong Bird Park

There are some cages throughout the park, where it is more difficult to view and photograph the birds, but it probably has more to do with the safety of the animal and the guests.

Cassowary in the Jurong Bird Park

One bird, the Cassowary, is not in a cage, but in an enclosed yard which is only viewable by guests. The Cassowary would be dangerous for guests to physically interact with, so they keep you at a safe distance. However, he's an amazing bird to look at and read about.

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong also offers shows throughout the day in the outdoor amphitheater. The shows are wonderful and the trainers even let the birds fly through the audience. The park staff are very helpful, professional and friendly.

Jurong Bird Park

As far as cost, general park admission (as of today's date) runs $18 in Singapore dollars ($13 U.S.), Children are a few dollars cheaper. Keep in mind that this is a very large park, and it can take hours to experience, even if you hurry. So, if you're on a tight schedule, then it may not be a good idea to take a trip out here. I would say that you need at least four hours in the park and about an hour commute. The train stop for Jurong is at "Boon Lay" Station, then you have to transfer to a bus, which takes you directly to the park. The bus terminal is right outside the doors of the train station and the bus number is 194 or 251, I took the 194 and it dropped me off right in front of the park. The buses are reasonable, but try to have coins. The subway stop takes a while to get to from the center of town, I think it took about 30 minutes each way, so try not to cut it close. If you want more detailed information about how to get there from hotels, etc, then I will place the links at the end of this post.

Jurong Bird Park

Overall, Jurong is amazing and well worth the time and trip out there. This experience will allow you to see birds from all over the world which might be difficult to find in other parks. The paths are laid out well and are even handicap accessible (with a few small hills here and there). Be sure to take your camera and some extra money if you plan on eating or buying items from the gift shop. Credit cards are accepted with no problem though. Also, there is a monorail that rides through the park, which can be purchased separately for about $5 Singapore.

Jurong Bird Park

The main link for the park is HERE, and the "Visitors Info" link will give you directions. There is a link to the Train system HERE and the bus system HERE. There are also many more photos of these birds in my Flickr album, which you can access HERE.

Jurong Bird Park


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