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bird perms in paradise

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Apparently, Bird Perms are the new trend. At least in Singapore. Finally tired of being made fun of and being the "ugly/cute" picture that is the must-have for bird watchers everywhere, the Emu has had it!! In an attempt at glitzing up the image and bringing Sexy to the world of flightless birds, the Emu has incorporated an uplifting, but not too-tight curl to it's hair. Yes, that's right, you may stare in awe and admiration. Have we been wrong all along and just didn't realize that such beauty was hiding underneath? Some colored contacts, a little teasing around the brow and....well, I'm just speechless.

Trendy Bird Perm on the modern Emu in Singapore

Although, after further investigation, it seems that this newcomer to all that's stylish and hip has miscalculated and left the Perm chemicals in just a bit too long. That's right bird,  I have no shame in showing the world what happens when you have let your vanity go too far!!!. Not so sexy now, huh? Well, maybe this one time, we'll overlook it.

Bad Perm job on Singapore Emu

Besides, look at this guy below, he realized that it's all about the bird lips, not the hair. A pouty, in your face close up and that's what makes it on the cover of magazines. Don't give in to peer pressure next time, Emu, just say "No". 

Non-coformist Ostrich who's working the beak in Singapore


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