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Bangkok, Thailand...and the salty dilemma (part five)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

On one of the many river stops that I decided to explore, I encountered an unusual spot to say the least. There were many people crowded around a small inside "Market" that was built next to the pier. After we jumped off of the river boat, I immediately walked inside the market area to discover tables of homemade breads and crackers. Vendors sat on small benches and sold their selection in plastic bags.

Chao Phraya River in Bangkok...heading towards the pier from the river boat

It didn't take long for me to notice a scurrying of sound in the water. It was actually quite loud and since I heard people laughing and behaving in a shocked manner, I decided to walk back over and see what all the fuss was about. As I was walking back over to the scene, a Thai lady tossed a piece of bread (I'm assuming stale) over her shoulder as she was filling bags full of bake goods. She didn't look in that direction as if she had done this a million times. I ran over to the small railing and found myself a space to lean up against and look down into the water. After I pulled my camera in front of me...THIS is what I saw... (you can click on the higher resolution option for shocking detail and clarity..LOL)

The next video is a little bit close to the water.

The funny part is that in my desire to capture some of the over zealous catfish eating bread...I had river and slimly fish water splashed into my mouth. Yes...disgusting. Imagine the combination of salt, fish, dirt, pollution, weeds and other secret ingredients becoming a flavor in a matter of seconds....time to process the information...spit...grimace...panic. Okay, not that I'm a wimp or anything, but the Chao Phraya river is not exactly the cleanest thing on earth. You can bet that I spent the next 24 hours wondering if I was going to come down with some sort of horrid parasite infection or at the very least, a terrible stomach ache. However, I managed to make it through without a hitch. Maybe I was worried for nothing? So, I guess the moral here, is that if you stop by the bread shop and see a mob of people watching catfish in the water...DON'T get too close.

To Be Continued....


Anonymous said...

Luther, we have that at Lake Mead! We take stale bread down there all the time to watch the anomoly! Concessioner used to sell big bags of popcorn just to feed the fish. Some of the carp are the size of a small dog...well actually a BIG small dog! Well, let's say a medium sized dog without the legs! Leslie

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