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Laem Chabang Port Information for Bangkok, Thailand

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello! A lot of people ask about port information for different countries, so hopefully this will help. I have not been around every port since I often travel by plane, train or bus. However, I have been through Laem Chabang port in Thailand. This is the port that you will be docking at, if you are not on a very small ship. Most all ships come here, since they cannot fit up the river. Leam Chabang is a long ways from Bangkok, about three hours (or less if the driver is fast and there is no traffic). The port is nice and there is no tendering. You will dock at the pier.

There is an air-conditioned building that is nice and comfortable with a small shop. There is also tourist information there to help answer questions.  There is also a "Taxi Stand" that you can hire a Taxi to take you to Bangkok. They are generally small vans and can hold 8-10 people. Generally, you can get a group of people to share a cab with you, and then the price goes down to about $14 per person. Not bad for the long distance. This taxi service will typically drop you off at specific points in the city, so you must check where you need to go first and where you will end up. The drivers know very little english, but are friendly. The taxi stand sets the price, so you won't be cheated, you pay before you leave the port. You can also take a cab back from Bangkok to the pier by asking the hotel to make arrangements the day before. Keep in mind that there are more than one type of cab, so you can ask for a "cheaper" cab, instead of a "Limo".  You might pay slightly more or less to take a cab back from Bangkok. 

I hope that information helps. Feel free to ask any questions.


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